Friday, 27 January 2012

Byebye Graham and Good Luck

I had some interesting news over the weekend.   Graham  Fryer, MBE,  Boss of DIA since the early !970’s has sold his interests in the Largest (in the world - at one stage) Driving Instructors Association.  DIA has now been Sold to a couple of non-ADI business family; who may be able to take the industry a few stages forward towards true professionalism.  Graham’s role within the industry is unique; and I would be willing to add my ‘tuppennyworth’; if any-one wants to do a DIA history on the grounds that every launch, every idea and almost every fresh innovation in the driving  school business was thrashed out in great detail, and with enormous panache; in the two top Porta-kabins at the end of the corridor.   
So, a final message to Graham & Jan, as you drive off into the future in your lowest mileage ever Double OO Porsche 911, remember some spare coins for Betty’s BRIDGE.  You’ ll ALWAYS  remember just why: as well as the DipDI; The DIAmond  system; SlideCar;  five successive and very successful DRIVEX years:  (Not to mention the DRIVEX that cost £400 for each entrant)
May I wish an even better prospects for ADIs and to Jan & Graham, a quiet, expensive, retirement to come.

(Professor) Peter Russell,  DIA General Secretary 1974-  

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